AquaAdventures Bath Buddies

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Dive into a world of bath-time fun with our AquaAdventures Bath Buddies 🐢🐳! This delightful set includes a charming array of swimming toys, featuring turtles, whales, crabs, and more. Watch as these cute figures bring joy to your little one's bath, pool, or beach adventures.

How to Play: Turn the chain in a clockwise direction with a gentle touch, and let the unlimited fun begin! To keep these aquatic friends moving, turn the small turtle and fish in a counter-clockwise rotation. It's a simple yet enchanting playtime ritual for your little water explorer.

Product Features:

  • Dynamic Full Motion: These toys bring unlimited fun with dynamic movements.
  • Land and Water Adventure: Watch the turtle crawl on land and swim gracefully in the water.
  • Smooth and Environmentally Friendly: Crafted from safe and non-toxic materials, ensuring a smooth play experience.
  • 3C Certification Quality Assurance: Our products meet the highest standards for safety and quality.

Make bath time an adventure with SplashySea Bathing Friends—where every splash creates smiles, and every swim is a miniature ocean odyssey! 🌊🚿👶

Customer Reviews

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Dale Will

Fast and corresponds to the described in addition Toit is quite safe for children

Emilio Goyette

AquaAdventures Bath Buddies

Joshuah Mante

Not the same as the dovgo vistachian charge. Cool, cool, and swim 3 seconds

Shanna Legros

AquaAdventures Bath Buddies

Estevan Altenwerth

AquaAdventures Bath Buddies