BabyClear Nasal Aspirator
BabyClear Nasal Aspirator
BabyClear Nasal Aspirator
BabyClear Nasal Aspirator

BabyClear Nasal Aspirator

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Introducing BabyClear Nasal Aspirator, a gentle and effective solution for your baby's nasal care. The U-shaped front end is designed to safely extract nasal water without causing harm to the baby's delicate mucous membrane. The slanting suction tube effortlessly reaches into the baby's nose at any angle, ensuring thorough cleaning without discomfort. Crafted from soft, baby-friendly materials like food-grade PP and silicone, this aspirator prioritizes your baby's safety. The anti-backflow device adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring Mommy's peace of mind during usage.

Key Features:

  1. U-Shaped Design: Effectively and safely extracts nasal water without risking harm to the baby's mucous membrane.
  2. Slanting Suction Tube: Easily reaches into the baby's nose at any angle for thorough and comfortable cleaning.
  3. Soft Material: The nasal suction tube is made from soft materials, ensuring it won't cause harm even if the baby moves during use.
  4. Anti-Backflow Device: Provides an extra layer of protection, preventing Mommy from inadvertently sucking the baby's nose.


  • Material: Food-grade PP + Silicone
  • Size: 21*3.2CM


  1. Insert the suction tube into your mouth, lift the baby, and gently insert the tube into the baby's nostrils. Slowly and comfortably suction out the nasal water.
  2. For hardened nasal secretions, warm the nose with a towel before gently suctioning the baby's nasal passages.

Ensure your baby's comfort and health with BabyClear Nasal Aspirator—a gentle touch for delicate noses. 🌟🍼💖

Customer Reviews

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Nikita Kautzer

Very nice

Ruth Carroll

Came very well packed Super recommend baby😍

Megane Stamm

This little thing is a life saver if you have any small children my son is 3months and has rsv it really helped clean him out and make sure he could always breath.

Baron Strosin

Everything came right and before the scheduled date, excellent material I loved🥰

Lauren Rice

Very nice and good.