BambooGuard Ultra Absorbent Inserts
BambooGuard Ultra Absorbent Inserts
BambooGuard Ultra Absorbent Inserts
BambooGuard Ultra Absorbent Inserts

BambooGuard Ultra Absorbent Inserts

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Introducing BambooGuard, your baby's ultimate companion for comfort and dryness! 🍼✨ Our 4-layer bamboo inserts are crafted for superior absorbency and anti-bacterial protection, ensuring your little one stays cozy and carefree.

Key Features:

🌿 4-Layer Bamboo Design: Experience next-level absorbency with our thoughtfully designed insert, featuring 2 layers of 250g bamboo on the outside and 2 layers of microfiber on the inside. Keep your baby dry and happy!

📏 Perfect Dimensions: The insert measures 35cm in length (13.78'') and 13.5cm in width (5.31''). Tailored to perfection for your baby's needs.

🌬️ Soft and Breathable: BambooGuard inserts are not only highly absorbent but also incredibly soft, providing unmatched comfort and breathability for your little one.

🔄 Easy Maintenance: Throw worries away! These inserts are machine washable and dryable for your convenience, making parenthood a breeze.

👶 Ideal Size Range: Designed for babies weighing 4-15kg (8.8 - 33 pounds), BambooGuard inserts are perfect for your growing bundle of joy.

🌟 Reach Full Absorbency: Wash before first use, and after a few washes (approximately 6 or more), BambooGuard reaches its maximum absorbency. Trust the process for optimal performance.

🎉 Sold in a Set of 10: Each purchase includes a set of 10 BambooGuard inserts, ensuring you're always prepared for your baby's needs.

Ensure your baby experiences the best in comfort and absorbency with BambooGuard Ultra Absorbent Inserts. Because every little one deserves the gentle touch of nature! 🌿💕

Customer Reviews

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Ivy Barrows

Great quality, arrived well packed.

Katherine Jerde

BambooGuard Ultra Absorbent Inserts

Larry Heaney

BambooGuard Ultra Absorbent Inserts

Alysa Jenkins

Exact what I expected

Lacey Pollich

They are thin and soft, I have to keep checking, when I have my conclusion I will let you know...