BreatheEasy Baby Wrap Sling

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Introducing the BreatheEasy Baby Wrap Sling – a dual-use, versatile carrier designed for newborns and infants up to 36 months. Crafted with a blend of Cotton & Polyester, this sling provides maximum comfort for both parents and babies, offering breathability and flexibility during every use. Beyond a carrier, it transforms into a nursing cover, ensuring a seamless experience for breastfeeding on the go. With a maximum bearing capacity of up to 60 KGS (132.28 lbs), this wrap is the epitome of convenience and comfort. 🍼✨

Key Features:

  1. ❤️ Dual-Use Design: The BreatheEasy Baby Wrap serves as both a carrier and a nursing cover, offering versatility for parents on the go.

  2. 🌿 Maximum Bearing Capacity: With a robust design, this wrap can support weights up to 60 KGS (132.28 lbs), providing reliable and secure babywearing.

  3. 🌬️ Breathable Fabric: Crafted with a blend of Cotton & Polyester, the fabric ensures breathability, keeping both parent and baby comfortable during wear.

  4. Specifications:

  • Suitable for: 0-36 months
  • Maximum Bearing Capacity: Up to 60 KGS (132.28 lbs)
  • Material: Cotton & Polyester

BreatheEasy Baby Wrap Sling – Embrace Breathable Comfort for You and Your Little One! 🌿👶✨

Customer Reviews

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Wade Braun

I love it, very comfortable to wear and be able to have more free hands.

Genevieve Greenholt

Exact to the description and image

Ebony Zboncak

Very practical and the most uses is very complete and resistant

Lelia Hintz

Excellent Product

Freda Rogahn

BreatheEasy Baby Wrap Sling