FlexiComfort Newborn Bath Net Seat

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Introducing the "FlexiComfort Newborn Bath Net Seat," an adjustable and anti-slip solution designed for the utmost comfort and safety during your baby's bath time.

🛁 Adjustable and Anti-Slip Design: The "FlexiComfort" features an adjustable bath net seat cushion with anti-slip properties, providing a secure and comfortable environment for your newborn during bathtime.

🌿 Material Composition: Environmental-Friendly PP+TPE Soft Rubber: Crafted from environmentally friendly PP and TPE soft rubber, the "FlexiComfort" ensures a comfortable and safe experience for your baby. The soft rubber is gentle on your baby's delicate skin.

🔄 Easy Folding and Compact Storage: The "FlexiComfort" is designed for convenience with easy folding capabilities, making it a space-saving solution for compact storage.

🌬️ Aerodynamic Design for Stable Support: With an aerodynamic design, the "FlexiComfort" provides stable support, ensuring your baby stays secure and relaxed during bath time.

📏 Compact Dimensions and Lightweight: Folding to approximately 55*30*10cm (21.65*11.81*3.94 inches) and weighing about 561g, the "FlexiComfort" is compact and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for both home and travel.

Elevate your baby's bath experience with the "FlexiComfort Newborn Bath Net Seat" – where flexibility, safety, and comfort converge for a delightful bathing routine!

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Pasquale Dickens

Bad provider

Garrett Keebler

I never get there, it was very difficult for me to receive the refund, a scam, after paying, they wanted to charge me more for the freight

Wava Weimann

FlexiComfort Newborn Bath Net Seat

Bernadette Boyle

FlexiComfort Newborn Bath Net Seat

Wilfred Morissette

FlexiComfort Newborn Bath Net Seat