GuardianLatch - Invisible Magnetic Baby Safety Lock

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Introducing GuardianLatch, the innovative and invisible solution to ensure your little one's safety at home. Our magnetic child safety lock is designed with precision engineering to provide unmatched security for your cabinets and drawers, offering peace of mind to every parent. 🏡💖

Key Features:

👀 Invisible Security: GuardianLatch remains discreetly hidden inside cabinets and drawers, keeping the aesthetics of your home intact while providing optimal child protection. 🌈

🔑 Automatic Locking: The magnetic key effortlessly unlocks the latch, allowing you quick access when needed. Close the drawer, and the lock engages automatically, ensuring your child's safety without any extra effort. ⚡

🔄 Flexible Operation: Engineered with a normally open feature, GuardianLatch allows your drawers to function regularly when the baby is not at home. By switching the button to off mode, the lock remains in a state of permanent opening, giving you the freedom to use your furniture as usual. 🔄

🛠️ Drill-Free Installation: Enjoy a hassle-free setup with our adhesive tape installation method. No need to drill into your cabinets or drawers, preserving the integrity of your furniture. 🚫🛠️

🌟 Versatile Application: GuardianLatch is perfect for family use in cabinets, cupboards, drawers, closets, and more. Keep your curious little ones away from potentially harmful tools and chemicals effortlessly. 🌈👶

Smart Protection Tips:

🧼 Ensure a Clean Surface: Clean and dry the surface before installation to ensure optimal adhesion. 🌟

🔄 Installation Adaptability: Adjust the installation method based on your cabinet or drawer style and design for a perfect fit. 🛠️🔄

🚫 Compatibility Note: GuardianLatch is not recommended for doors, cabinets, or drawers thicker than 1.5'' or those made of metal. 🚫🔧

Choose GuardianLatch for a blend of smart technology and seamless design, providing unparalleled protection for your child in your home. Invest in their safety today. 🛡️👶✨

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Isadore Feil

Excellent and easy to install but poor adhesive

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GuardianLatch - Invisible Magnetic Baby Safety Lock

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GuardianLatch - Invisible Magnetic Baby Safety Lock

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GuardianLatch - Invisible Magnetic Baby Safety Lock