MomFlow Electric Double Breast Pump

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Experience the convenience and comfort of breastfeeding with MomFlow Electric Double Breast Pump. Crafted with care, this set ensures a seamless and valuable breastfeeding journey for both you and your baby. 🌈🤱

Key Features:

  • BPA-Free Material: Made of safe and non-toxic P.P. material, ensuring your baby's health and safety. 🍼
  • Double Breast Pump: With two pumping chambers, this breast pump doubles your milk production in less time, providing efficiency without compromising comfort. 🕒
  • USB-Powered: Conveniently powered by USB, allowing you to use this breast pump anywhere, anytime. No need to worry about battery changes! 🔌
  • High Temperature Resistant: With a resistance of up to 240°F, it can be safely heated in the microwave. 🌡️
  • Non-Slip Button Design: Ensures ease of use and control during pumping sessions. 🤲
  • Imitate Mother's Nipple Shape: Lightweight design, anti-leakage, and a shape that imitates the mother's nipple for a natural and comfortable feeding experience. 🌟

Every MomFlow Electric Double Breast Pump is a testament to advanced technology and quality control. Packed with care, this set is designed to make your breastfeeding journey enjoyable and valuable. 💖🤱