SafeCushion Edge Protection Strip

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Introducing the SafeCushion Edge Protection Strip – your reliable guardian against the unexpected bumps and tumbles of childhood. Crafted with care and designed for simplicity, this high-density foam strip ensures that every corner and edge in your home becomes a soft, protective barrier, offering unparalleled safety for your little one.

🛡️ High-Density Foam Defense: SafeCushion prioritizes safety with its high-density foam edge protection. In the event of impact, density takes precedence over thickness, providing a wrinkle-resistant shield that stands up to the rigors of daily life, safeguarding your child from harm in every corner of your home.

🌈 Child-Friendly and Regulation-Compliant: Rest easy knowing that SafeCushion fully complies with child safety regulations. Free from BPA, phthalates, latex, or SCCP, this furniture edge corner safety bumper cover ensures a safe environment for your child to explore. Plus, it's oil-resistant and wear-resistant, making it easy to clean and exceptionally durable.

📏 Generous Length for Full Coverage: With a length of 2 meters (around 6.5 feet), SafeCushion provides extensive coverage for your home. Protect sharp corners and edges in spaces like homes, daycares, schools, nursing homes, and more, creating a secure haven for your little one.

🔧 Easy Installation for Instant Safety: Enjoy hassle-free installation with the provided 3M double-sided adhesive. Suitable for steel, wood, glass, ceramics, and more, installing SafeCushion is a breeze. Simply wipe the surface, measure the required length, cut to size, and affix the foam in place. Before removal, a quick preheat with a hair dryer ensures easy detachment.

👶 Essential Safety for Every Stage: Babies are bound to explore, and SafeCushion is here to create a safe environment for every stage of their development. Shield your little one from the inevitable bumps of daily life, and let them navigate their world with confidence and safety.

Transform your home into a haven of safety with SafeCushion Edge Protection Strip – where every edge becomes a soft embrace! 🌟👶🛡️

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Mauricio Hammes

Exactly as described. Is slightly less voluminous than the pictures, but I think that’s an advantage for me.

Joshua Lind

Will go

Tevin Heathcote

Will go, expensive for such bullshit.

Jalyn Spinka

Never received.

Fredrick Quigley

SafeCushion Edge Protection Strip