SecureGuard - Home Defender Lock

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Introducing SecureGuard, your ultimate guardian for baby home security. Our Safety Lock is a versatile solution designed to protect curious little ones and ensure peace of mind for parents. 🏠👶

Key Features:

  • Multi-angle Flexibility: SecureGuard offers a tactful response to different ways of opening and closing. Easily adjust to fit drawers, refrigerators, cabinets, toilets, wardrobes, doors, windows, and more. 🔄🔐
  • Stylish Integration: Blending seamlessly with your furniture, SecureGuard's colors are integrated for a cohesive look in your home. 🌈
  • Furniture-Friendly: Our non-marking glue ensures that your furniture remains unscathed, providing security without damage. 🚫🛋️

How to Use:

  • Wipe clean the surface of the intended place.
  • Tear off the adhesive at the bottom.
  • Paste it in the right position for instant security. 🧼🔗

How to Change Password:

  • Adjust the lock to the initial code 000, press the switch to open the lock.
  • Use a tool to hold the regulator in the password adjustment port (do not loosen it), and change the new password at the same time. 🔑🔢

Package Includes: 1 SecureGuard lock, 1 cleaning wipe, and 1 key (for key lock version).

SecureGuard is your partner in creating a safe and secure environment for your little ones. Choose peace of mind with SecureGuard – because home security is baby security. 👶🏡💙

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Gilbert Goodwin

SecureGuard - Home Defender Lock

Joshua Ledner

SecureGuard - Home Defender Lock

Gina Beer

Works perfectly and is of good quality.

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Very good quality